JCI Tsuen Wan’s
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Children's Play Right 2024

《遊戲權利您有SAY》主題曲 – 《讓孩子遊玩》


填詞:Cake Yeung/廖舒衡




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Children’s Play Rights 2024

Inclusive Playground Kick Off with Co-create Playground Workshop

This is the 8th year of our flagship project organized by the JCI Tsuen Wan. Adhering to the implementation of UNICEF Article 23 “States Parties recognise that a mentally or physically disabled child should enjoy a full and decent life, in conditions which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community.”, Article 27 “children’s right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the childs physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.” and Article 31 children’s “one hour of play a day”. Being the 8th year, we hope to promote play rights to children of different races and of needs in Hong Kong. We hope that children can explore more elements of free play. Children can enjoy the inclusive atmosphere in the workshop and relax during our events.

This is our honour to keep on cooperating with Serious Play Professionals Association (Asia-Pacific) Founder Stanley Ng, and Mastermine Academy Founder Carmen Wong to be our tutors of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and facilitate children to express their creativity to create their playground by using Lego. Additionally, this year, we invite Motiveclass Founder and AIGC Senior Engineer Nick Yip to be our tutor in Metaverse Playground. He would like to facilitate children to use AI Drawing and technology to create their playgrounds and share in the Metaverse.

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