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President’s Message

This year, JCI Tsuen Wan will be the holding chapter of “the 59th National Convention” in JCI Hong Kong. I see them as opportunities to expand our leadership skills and knowledge. Besides, we will continue to organize two flagship projects. One of the projects is to promote “Children’s Play Rights” in Hong Kong. Through these few years we have successfully promoted the “1 hour playing time” to children. This project hopes to consolidate the idea that children can enjoy one hour of free play time and maintain children’s right to free play, promoting it to children and their parents of different races in Hong Kong and even internationally. At the same time, it raises public attention to the quality of children’s mental health and to promote Article 23 and 27 UNCRC, and support SDG 10 and 17.

The second flagship project is to promote entrepreneur heritage. “The Outstanding Entrepreneur Heritage Selection” is a competition to remind and promote the business heritage in Hong Kong.The election combines the foundation of sustainable development SDGs with ESG elements to recognize contestants’ contributions in innovation, environment, society and governance. We hope that through this election, we can raise public attention to cultural heritage and sustainable development.

This year, my theme is “Create.Confident.Communicate”. Communication and opportunities are some of the keys to give confidence to the members who retain in committee. I would like to provide the three elements to all our members in 2024. Firstly, knowledge about yourself and having a chance to create a different life. Second, to be a self-confident and good communicator between your social and work life.Lastly, leading the members to explore the JCI value, personality change, feeling confident, and better communication.

Carmen Choi
2024 President
JCI Tsuen Wan